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hey guys. Firstly, sorry about the lack of posts recently, I have been so busy and I've had no time. On Instagram loads of you said you wanted to see a post like this and I've been meaning to do one for ages. I've got a bit bored of the repetitive posts like makeup routines so hopefully you will enjoy this different kind of post. There is lots of stuff to talk about so I am going to do a few revision posts if you enjoy this one. This post is just going to be tips on how to learn stuff and make good notes.

1. put things on your walls

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put your work on your walls so you look at them frequently and this helps you to memorise them. 
Use mind maps, notes and post it notes above your desk or anywhere you sit a lot.

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2. use post it notes
with sentences you need to learn, cover up half of the sentence with a  post it note and write what should be there on the post it not (like filling in the gaps)

3. use colour to make notes
if your notes look nice, you are more likely to want to learn from them, if you use colour to highlight key bits you also are more likely to remember it. Don't use too much of the same colour because then it won't be as effective.

4. key info
I write out key points and info and then I can highlight bits of the page and it helps you to picture what the paper in an exam and so you can remember the info, I also this with mind maps and this is the main way I revise. I keep all my notes in a folder or stick the most important ones on my wall.

5. revison guides, practice tests and my mind maps, flashcards  and notes. I use regular white lined revision cards for every subject, I only use these on the day/ day before the tests just to test myself and check I know everything.
I like the CGP revision guides and they have everything in note form explained. For subjects like maths I still like to use flashcards and notes still, but I still need to do practice questions. Everyone uses maths genie and that's my fave for maths practice tests. I also have these ready made revision cards that are amazing. revision cards: You can get cheaper ones from other places but these are the ones I use and they are really good.

6. Take breaks and don't over work and feel stressed
You won't be learning properly if you are tired. Take breaks every 15-45 minutes and don't work if you are too tired cause you'll just be wasting time. Make sure you are planning your time, you will feel less stressed if you know what you have to do and when.

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  1. can you make a post about how you make your notes: they look realllly neat and cool! :)

    1. definitely! It will be going up soon xx

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