my 2017 round up

hey guys, I've seen a lot of these like '2017 round ups' and I thought that I should do one on my blog to reflect on this year, as I'm writing this it is still 2017 (3:29 pm ,, 31st December 2017) but I am publishing it at midnight as my first post of 2018!

This time last year I hadn't started Looleeloo and I didn't even think I was going too until one evening I just decided to start a blog and see what happened. On the 4thJanuary 2017 Looleeloo was born and my first post was titled 'hello', it was written terribly and the photos may as well have been taken on a toaster. Since then I have gained about 1,200 followers (1,207 as I'm writing this) which is crazy as I never thought I would have 1,000 people reading my blog and Ily guys. As well as this ( you might not get this if you don't blog, but) I started to get noticed and approached by brands to collaborate on posts. As well as my blog getting a lot better through the year, so has my photography and it was this year that I discovered that I really liked it and started it as a hobby, I feel like when my blog started I didn't know that gross cream carpet and yellow lighting was ugly and was the recipe for a bad photo, I'm still not the best at taking blog photos and photos in general but I have definitely improved and I want to keep that up in 2018. I've definitely developed my sense of style and become a lot less clueless ( In everything) and I've learnt a lot #historystudentofthehalfterm (you might only get that if you are in my class). I also cut all my hair off and dyed it a bit which I loveeee.  We also had the first snow in years and 2 days off school which meant I missed my physics test (#bestdayofmylife) and  I also made loads of new friends and realised to avoid the mean and toxic people and let go of trying too hard to be popular.
I also discovered vine ( I'm really late, I know) and  revolutionised my life.
In the summer holidays I was lucky enough to spend 10 days in Greece and I loved it and I've also spend about 25% of my year in Wales and next year I'm hopefully going to Paris.
I also got braces on so hopefully I'll have straight teeth this time next year and you won't have to cry at my horrible wonky teeth.

That's my round up of 2017, I still can't quite believe it's 2018!
(bit  boring, I know, maybe 2018 will be a bit more exciting)
Happy new year and hopefully we have a great 2018
lots of love
liv xxxxxx

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