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Hey guys, today's post is going to be  a review on Anatomicals products.
You can get these in shops such as Asos and urban outfitters, amazon, Harvey Nichols  and possibly a few things from Superdrug, ( basically just google 'Anatomicals' and loads of places come up)

Iv'e really liked these products, but I can't say that I prefer the face masks too my Garnier moisture bomb face mask. The masks worked really well and did what they were supposed to do. One of my friends who has oily skin tried out the one that was supposed to make your skin less oily and it worked really well on her so if you have oily skin I would definitely recommend  you try that out. Another thing is that you can get a couple of uses out of the masks and they are quite cheap but they aren't really very easy to close up but a little plastic bag/ food bag works fine so it isn't too much of a problem. I also really liked the 'wake-up under eye patches' because they make me look more awake and my friends really liked them too.
I really liked testing these products and I would highly recommend trying a product out, my favourites  were the face masks so next time your shopping definitely pick one up.

 Thank you to Anatomicals for sending these to me.
I would like to say that Anatomicals sent me a few products to try out for free and asked me to do a blog post about them, but as usual, my opinions are always my own and I would never show you guys products that I didn't love/ think you guys would love.
Also I'm sorry that lately the blog posts have had so many Ads, I'm going to be trying to not do so many in the new year and get my blog to be less "sponsored" cause it really bugs me when bloggers go all branded and every post is and ad. Tell me, do you like these review posts?

Thank you for reading
lots of love
Liv xx


  1. I’ve never heard of these products before! I may have to check them out. I’m always looking for new skincare products, especially for my oily skin. Thanks!

  2. I've seen Anatomicals in a couple of places and always wondered about them


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