My photography wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner and most of you don't know what to ask for, if your like me and you like photography, this is the perfect gift guide for you and if you have a friend who loves photography this is also perfect for them. I am saving up for most of this stuff and I think it all looks really good!

1. A really nice camera/lense
my Dslr right now isn't really that great, my phone quality is probably better so I really want a good quality camera. Nikon and canon are probably the best known brands and I would really like to get a camera and some lenses with my Christmas money.

2.  A backdrop
If you don't have really white walls, I think one of these is great for taking photos as you can just put it up anywhere and take photos. You can also get different colour sheets for the backdrops which are really good for photos. I really want one of these and they aren't too expensive.

3. A ringlight
I think this could be one of the most important things for good photos as it gives you good lighting. I would really like one of these as I find it hard to get good lighting and I also think it will be good for my blog photos as well.

4.VSCOX or filters
I love VSCO, it's really good and easy to use which is good for me since I'm still a beginner photographer. VSCOX is £20 a year but you get loads of filters and editing tools. It looks really good and I am probably going to get this as it's good for my photo for Instagram, blog and my photography.

5. A film camera
I have one of these and they are soooo cool. I love it and the photos look really cool and the camera is really cool to use. I love this for everything, you can take it everywhere and take photos of whatever, not just for photo shoots or like special occasions. You can get these quite cheap of eBay and the film is also quite cheap too.

Thanks for reading
Comment if you think you will get any of these things
Lots of love
liv xxxxx

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