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Hey guys, today I wanted to share one of my new favourite books with you. The book is called ' Being Miss nobody' and it was written by Tamsin Winter.

Reach chapter one here:

The book is about a girl called Rosalind who has SM (Selective mutism). She starts High School but can't make any  friends and starts to be bullied because she can't talk. She starts a blog called ' Miss Nobody', which kind of reminds me of gossip girl a tiny bit, where she stands up to the bullies even though she can't talk, but she doesn't know shes in danger of becoming the bully herself.  I couldn't put the book down and I read it in just a few days (which is really good for me.)  It's a book I know I will read 200000 times, but never get bored of it and I was hooked from the first word, not one page was boring. It has an amazing story line and I thoroughly enjoyed every word of it.Image result for being miss nobody

I also loved the heartbreaking aspect ( I'm not going to spoil it, so all I'm going to say is that  her little brother Seb is really sick.)
It raises important questions and makes us consider how we treat others.
I would highly recommend reading this book as it is AMAZING and I can't wait for Tamsin Winter's new book to come out, I hope it's as good as 'Being Miss Nobody'!

Thank you for reading
lots of love 
Liv xxx

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