How I'm going to be making my blog better next year

With the new year coming and it almost being a year since I first started blogging I knew I wanted to do a post on my blog. As the year is ending and a new one is beginning I knew it was time for a change and to make things better, especially as it isn't just my granny who reads my blog anymore! So here are a few things I am going to be doing to make my blog better!
1. Taking nicer photos.
I think that your blog is 10000000x better if the photos are good. Everything just looks so much better if there is a good photo but everything looks kind of bad if the photos have bad lighting etc.
I might start using thing like confetti in my photos and I'm definitely doing to get a big white piece of card so I can take bigger flat lays.

2. Posting consitently
Right now my posts are very all over the place, sometimes I post 3 times a day for a week and other times  I don't post for months. I want to start posting at least once  a week, maybe twice.

3.Giving it a makeover
I really want to get a new template/ theme as I don't really like my current one ( trying to edge away from the all pink theme.)

4. start having a theme.
I think blogs are so much nicer when they have a theme, not what I;m posting but colours and photos. I think blogs flow so much better and look a lot nicer when everything coordinates.

Thanks for reading!
comment what posts you would like too see.
Lots of love
liv xxxxx

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