3 skin care essentials to buy in 2018

Hey guys, today I'm doing a post on some of my skin care faves that you should try for 2018! I'm working with cadden and lee on this post, but I would never work with a bad brand!

1. Face masks
Some of my faves for face masks are Cadden and Lee and Garnier. Face masks are perfect for a relaxing paper evening. The Cadden and Lee ones work really well so definitely order some to try,
they were really refreshing ( a lot more than other masks and my Garnier ones) and don't have to stay on for ages. I really liked these and I'm definitely adding these to my skin care!
( my face went red after I used it and I literally started freaking out lol, turns out it's normal, hahah)

2. A good face wash
I'm loving the Simple micellar  facial gel wash, it's great for my winter dry skin and I prefer it a lot to the original simple face wash as it isn't as slimy and really works on my skin really well!

3. A good moisturiser/ day and night cream
I love my No7 day and night creams as they are perfect and really good quality. And don't make my face horrendously greasy!

Thank you for reading!
Lots of love
liv xxxxxxxx

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