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It's been a while since I have written a blog post but an idea finally came to me today. I recently received a Olymus 35mm camera and flash. I have been loving it so far, its really cute and vintage, and it's actually really cool to use. You can get these off of eBay for quite cheap. I think mine was probably about £20- £30 so doesn't cost a small fortune. So I wanted to do a blog post talking about it and why I think it's a really good thing if you are into photography like me.

I love this camera, it's actually really simple to use and it looks really vintage and retro. I really like it also as you have to still put in the film and everything. You can get them in good shape on eBay for quite a good price, so you aren't paying loads and the film isn't really expensive. I would really recommend this as it is so cool, so if you can find one that looks good I would buy it, especially if you like photography but you don't really have to be an expert.

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