One of my favourite things to do is photography, I love taking photos (usually of my friends and my sister grace) and I can't really remember ever going in depth with it. I don't know why but I have always been drawn to cameras, I don't know if it's that cool look about them or if it was my destiny ( yes I am this cheesy) but one day my dad came home from work about a year and a half ago with 2 old Olympus DSLR cameras his friend didn't want ( don't even know why he didn't sell them cause you could have got a lot for them, but anyways) and I guess that's where it all began for me. At first I didn't really know how to work them, so my dad ordered a HUGE book on photography I never actually read and right now there are probably still things I haven't discovered. But from there I began to love it even more and know I take my camera pretty much everywhere in case of a cool shot. So right now I am just going to briefly Talk about photography, I will have another 2 posts coming with tips and editing! 

ps... Sorry if you fell asleep in this 7000 word essay of an introduction.
pps... I know that the top left photo is over exposed :)))))))))))

C L I C K   O N  T H I S   T O  R E A D  M O R E :

So the 2 cameras I have are the Olympus e400 and e410, I actually prefer the older model for an unknown reason, I just think the pictures turn out better but it could all be in my head. I have 3 lenses, the 15mm lense, an 25mm lense and a 30mm lense ( I think , this is from memory. I will check later) these are perfect for me as they allow me to take a huge range of different photos! My preferred photography style is fashion photography, and I am trying to widen my style of photos with a few more props, different backdrops and editing. ( post on editing coming soon btw) I am also looking into buying a nikon camera now I'm getting better, and maybe some lights and  a backdrop after that.
I LOVE photography and I can't imagine myself without it ( and neither would my friends, really) and if you can get into it and have a go, you don't need to sped £1000 on kit to have good photos. Your iphone camera will work, or a cheap second hand one off ebay. You just need the eye for good photos, inspiration and practice ( cheesy again) some youtube channels that help me get better are:  jessica Kobessi, Jessica whitaker and especially mango street so be sure to go and have a look at them for tips.
If you guys want I can do a post on how to take better photos and tips or on how I edit my photos.

ps.. I'm no expert, I just like to think I'm ok at it.....

Thankyouuu for reading
Lots of love

 L O O L E E   X X X X

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