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So I was eating dinner with my older sister who recently took a trip to Ibiza, and she was saying how loads of strangers gave her drinks and she had to pour them into plants. And I was like I want to do that (don't really know why, probs cause I want my life to be like a movie lol) so that  gave me the idea to do a bucket list of things I want to do that are probably stupid, but hey.

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1.Run after a train dramatically.
because, you know.... I want to have a movie moment, plus I'm really extra and dramatic in everything I do.

2.Go to paris.
It's my dream to travel to paris, and next summer my dream will be coming true. People say I will be let down by paris, but I still want to believe in that beautiful fantasy ( that is V photogenic) until I get there. I love the french language, I'm actually learning it, and the shopping (of course) and the photos. I can finally be that basic instagram account with a picture of the Eiffel tower that has it's caption in french!!!!

3.Own a Louis Vuiton Bag
I love these bags so much, but I dont just happen to have £3,000 lying  around, sooooo..........

4. Have a brand send me PR products. and work with a brand
I don't actually really want this for the free things ( although that does factor in) if a brand wants to send you stuff, you know that your actually quite good and it's basically just really cool.

5.get 50,000 readers
I'm on 5,000 right now so... tell your friends. But seriously, I work really hard for this blog and I love it and it's nice to know that people beside my granny read it.

6.learn to surf.
I feel like this is just a cool skill to have, and I love going to Wales where there are a lot of surfers so I got a bit inspired.

7.stand under a waterfall.
I think we can all relate, again, Just want movie moment as per. also I'm really extra an would probably photograph it and vlog it cause I'm like that. I just feel like my life would be better with this story to tell people lol.

8.Scuba dive.
I have always wanted to do this, I love the beach and the ocean + sea life is really cool. I don't know exactly why I think this is good. But I think it would be an amazing experience.

9.swim with dolphins and turtles
basically for the same reasons as 8, I also love these animals and I am yet to see them in real life.
10.touch an elephant and hold a monkey

11. meet a blog reader in person.
I think that this would be so amazing, so if you guys see me in public (probably buying food) please come and say hi, because I would legitimately collapse in excitement. I don't know why but it would just be so cool. someone famous (my idol is kendall jenner) or a youtuber because that would just be pretty amazing.

13.write a book. I love to write and I would make sure the cover was really pinterest and could be put in loads of flat lays :) in a magazine and on TV
don't we all want this to happen?

15. Go to a drive in film.
This would like complete me, I would love to do this because its so retro and cool.

16.change my hair style to something less boring and dye it an outrageous colour one day
because why not. I am doing something with it THIS THURSDAY and I'm quite scared to chop off and colour my hair. But I don' think I'll be going for a bright colour this time round. I think it's just new and exciting to switch things up, and dye comes out and hair grows back so I think you should just go for it if you want to do it.

17.have a photo shoot
I would love to feel like a supermodel having my photo taken and wearing all the really nice outfits and the photography. ( because if you didn't know I love photography and would like to consider myself Ok at it..... ish)

18. learn spanish
I'm already learning french and german and I love them both, and spanish is such a beautiful language so I would love to learn it.

19.drink out of a coconut.
I mean, since day 1 of being on planet earth this has beenmy #1 dream because it seems cool and fun and pinterest :)))))))

20.start a youtube channel
I don't know if I want to do this yet, but I know I have always wanted to... AKA fantasising about it and 7 year old Liv pretending that I was one ( yes I was CRAYZZZEYYYY) but I'm not sure. What do you guys think?????????

lots of love
liv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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