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so a while ago, around February time I think, I did a blog post  called tips for starting a blog. But I had written like 3 blog spots and had like 2 readers while I wrote that. So now with 5000 readers and 500 email follows, I think I might know what I'm actually talking about. So here are a few tips that might help you out and generally make you feel more confident about starting a blog...

ps.. this features the original pictures from first 'tips for blogging'


So first of all, you need to actually set up a web page. Before you know you love to blog and you have a lot of follows, I wouldn't pay for a template or a custom domain because you could be wasting your money.  There are a lot of places where you can set up your blog for free:

1. Blogger ( what I use) I think blogger is the simplest and nicest to use, personally. But my blog friends find other platforms easily. This one is my fave.
2. WIX. I personally find this really confusing, and if you don't pay it annoyingly advertises itself on your blog. I think that it is also really hard to work with and designing the actual website is really hard and it never seems to work for me.
3. wordpress, this again is really nice. The reason I don't use it is because I had already set up this blog when I discovered it, and I think blogger is just a bit simpler to use.

When I had been blogging for about 3 months, I splashed my cash and bought a template from Designer blogs, this is the nicest and most affordable website I could find. A blogger template is around £10. I still haven't got a custom domain, I think I am going to wait a bit until my blog gets a bit bigger.
But don't get me wrong, if you really want to you could just buy everything, but I wouldn't if you aren't sure if blogging is for you.

So, now we have covered most of the setting it up stuff, lets move onto follows.
DON'T expect to be an internationally famous blogger star that is on the cover of every magazine. Becuase that dosn't happen easily. I have been blogging for like 8 months and I am still a really small blogger, but I don't really mind. But don't worry, you will probably get a few followers over time. If you write about what you want to write about, and don't post really basic as posts once every 2 moths. Try to post regularly and with interesting posts, so people don't get bored of your blog and unfollow.

Now, you need to think of a name and theme for your blog as well.
Think about what you want you blog posts to be about, try something that you find interesting, fun and easy to write about as these will be the best for people to read, as the writing will flow n be interesting to read. Also, when naming you blog try not to put what it's about in the name as if you ever want to do something different it will be a bit weird, and you might even have to re brand you blog which is loads of faf. So my blog is about lots of things, and I don't just have to stick to one as my name doesn't involve them. My name is also very individual, there is one other blogger out there that has the name looleeloo. so when you google me, I come up first as there aren't another 37838383838 looleeloo1s before me. But if my name was something like 'doglover' there would be loads of results before me, so your blog won't be found as much and people wont recognise your blog name as your blog name always.

It's important to have social medias for your blog followers to look at and follow. I have instagram, twitter, bloglovin ( which is really good for growing your blog btw), you pic and pinterest.  This means that people can also contact me easily and catch up with my life behind the blog. I also have a business email if brands need to contact me ( is just a bit more professional then something like '' socail medias are also a great way for followers to get to know you and see what else you like to do other than blog. And ask them things or answer questions.

when your blog and social medias start to get a bit more popular, you may want to contact brands or brands may contact you.
First I am going to talk about them contacting you.
You may get an email saying something along these lines:

  Hey there looleeloo, we have noticed your blog and we think it's great.
we would like to give you a 10% discount code for our products. If you purchase these and post a tagged photo, we could feature you on our Instagram page with just under 500k. wich would be great exposure for you. And you will also receive a free £1 sponge with your 10% off code that will allow you to purchase and review our products. 

we look forward to your reply
regards, shadyasbrand

This isn't great because you have to buy the product, and even though its disconted it's not very much. They also don't garuntee to promote you. So really you are just helping out the company. So I would just ignore it.
If a brand wants to work with you they should either be paying or giving you things and you both get something out of it. Don't be tricked by shady brands.
Also, don't expect major brands to be partnering with you in your first year of blogging. I have only had about 10 smaller brands.

I hope this helped,
if you have any further questions on this topic feel free to ask
lots of love
liv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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