So I know I'm just a little bit late to actually say something about this, but I would just like to say the hugest thank you in the world to each person that has taken the time to read my blog posts. So to say thank you I am doing 5 nee facts about me and a face reveal so you can get to know me a little bit better. Also I'm sorry I have haven't posted in literally forever, if you have and suggestions for posts please say because I have no ideas for posts. Also I know this isn't the most exciting thing to do... but nevermind. If you get me to 10,000 we'll see about something better :)

soooooo here we go.........
ps.. please enjoy my very dark under eye circles!!!!

  1.  I'm REALLLYYYYYY allergic to cats
  2.  I don't really like to read books
  3.  I love photography but I want to do languages or business as a career
  4.  My top 5 inspirations for photography are: brandon woefel, capturedbyfern, Jessica Whitaker, Jerry Maestas and Jessica Kobessi
  5.  I'm considering starting a youtube channel for when I'm older
Bonus faccttt ( not about me) Maggie, from the simpsons, is scanned at the supermarket and costs $847.63 in the older version. Yes, I paused the simpsons to actually work it out :) #toomuchfreetime
see you soon, liv xxxxxxx

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