What's in my bag

Hi guys, today I am doing a what's in my handbag. My actual handbag is from Zara, my mum bought it for me the other day and I am completely in love with it, it is my ideal bag. It cost around 20 pounds.
link to it here- Zara Bag

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  • Firstly I obviously have my iPhone. I would never leave the house without it. Inside my phone case, I always keep an emergency 10 pound note.
  • Then I have my purse, this is just from new look and was really cheap in the sale
  • Then I have a really tiny pouch bag thing, with all of my essentials like bobbles, lipsticks, highlighters, Carmex, a mirror etc
  • Then I have my sunglasses from Primark
  • I ALWAYS have gum 
  • And my camera for any picture perfect moments
  • my headphones

I think that's it, I'm not really one of those people who carry around loads. Sorry, this post is so short. I'll do my best to write one tomorrow.
lots of love,
thank you so much for reading,
Liv xxxx


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