The Joys Of having a dog.

One of my favourite things in the world is dogs. I actually have 2 called Pearl and Flora and they are literally my favourite... people?.... Things? so today I thought I would sit down on my picknick blanket lying in the sun, we are having a rare VERY VERY VERY hot day in the UK, and write some of the best things, or the joys of having dogs. 

 mn┬Án- this is actually where my dog decided to sit on my computer while I went to get a drink lol.

Some of the best things are that they eat any food you drop, You literally never need to pick up the food you dropped because your dogs eat it for you because they are constantly hungry.They make you go outside more because You have to walk them so it gives you a chance to get outdoors and explore which makes you healthier.They are really cute and make your insta feed look really nice wich is very important to some of us, meeeeeee. Dogs are the best friend you will ever have and will always be there to comfort you no matter what happens.They are always waiting for you to come home and are always really happy to see you wich is really nice. They always will believe they are a tiny puppy when they try to sit on your knee all of the time and crush your legs. They always want a hug and to be with you and they are really soft, so when you are feeling sad you will always have a lovely little friend to cheer you up. Their unconditional love is the best thing for me, they always love you, always want to be with you, always wait to see you. So besides tearing up your favourite pillow, or chewing a really interest item you wanted to put in a flat lay, having a dog is the best thing that will ever happen to you. And if you are allergic to dogs, get a cat. I'm actually REALLY REALLY HORRIFICALLY  allergic to cats so that is a no-go for me. But.... if you need florence x has 17 cats on her farm, talk about a crazy cat lady.

I'm probably going to clean up a mess my dog made now
lots of love
liv xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ps- thanks to my mum for the post idea lol

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