primark bits and best buys.

hi guys, in today's post I am going to be doing a few things ɪ have found in primark that aren't clothes or home wear that are really good. if you guys want a post on primark's clothes just say. so next time you are there you should definitely try to pick these things up. I also included some accessories.
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1. a hot pink clutch bag. Ok, i am officially obsessed with this bag. it matches everything and adds a pop of colour.
2. the makeup brushes. honestly, these work as well as other expensive makeup brushes and are a fraction of the price and have really nice packaging
3. false nails, although these only last around 2 days they are only one pound  so it works out as an amazing deal and they come in loads of shapes and colours and are especially great for parties or even festivals. my sister somehow manages to make 1 pack of nails last her 2 weeks.
4. my pastel geometric wash bag and cacti makeup bag. there isn't too much i can say about wash bags, but the reason i like these is because they are cheap, really cute and come in loads of sizes.
5. marble and rose gold notebook. not too much to say about this either, it was really cheap and looks amazing in photos and is a really nice notebook.
6.beach bag. love  this so much, it is so spacious and affordable and the pattern is really cute
7. sunglasses, these are just really cute and cheap.
8. exfoliating gloves. these are great as they work the same as other more expensive exfoliaters.

lots of love, liv xxx

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