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 My Instagram page is something I haven't really talked about much. I am going to be telling you guys what apps I use, what I take my photos on and some other stuff. I hope this helps you if you are looking for apps or tips, all of the apps are free because I think paying for apps is a HUGE waste of money because most off the time you can find a better or similar one. As you already know I totally definitely have an exciting life *not* so that's why I post loads of my fun times. And in those rare times that I am doing something the photos probably don't fit my theme #reallyimportantproblems
The apps I use are- facetune2, pic jointer, preview and pic monkey these are used for planning, editing and putting text or effects on.
There is also another app I would like to mention called youpic, this is really amazing. It allows you to share and view other photographers work, find new inspiration and you can receive and give feed back which is really helpful. If you are a budding photographer I would highly recommend this to you. It is free, or you can buy a membership. I don't think there is much of a difference between premium or normal, so be sure too check that out. The company actually very kindly emailed me asking me too try it, but my opinions are still my own. ( I WOULD NEVER LIE TO MY BABIESSSS)

PicMonkey is probably my favourite editing app, this is completely free, and it dosn't have settings you have to buy. It is really easy too use and blurs out all of my spots.
I take my photos on my iphone or on my Olympus dslr, I prefer using a dslr but it is easier to take around my phone so that's what most  of my photos are take on.

ps... shout out to flossie and my sister because they are my little models

lots of love

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