what I got for my birthday 2017.

hi, guys, today am doing a what I got for my birthday 2017, my birthday is the 10th of may!
please keep in mind I'm not trying to brag, I just thought this may be an interesting post, also please share this with your friends, there are very nearly 3000 of you veiwing my blog in under 6 months, can we get 5000 by january 2018.

1. my main present was money, as me and my mum are going to go shopping together, so I wanted some money, I'm not going to say how much as I don't really feel comfortable putting it out on the internet.
2. I also got the Hoola bronzer by benefit, the full sized one, as this is amazing so I wanted a full sized one. I didn't really get very much makeup this year as I already have too much and I don't have anywhere to store it loll.

3. I also got some clothes, these were all from Zara, the first, and my new fave item of clothing, was a denim skirt, I also got a white and denim pair of shorts as well as a mint green top and a grey top, and a white lacy dress. some of these items were too small, so we sent them back to get a different size so I won't be able to include pics, sorry, I wanted to get this post up asap.
4. a makeup brush cleaner and some nail varnish remover, and some makeup wipes.
5. a clear makeup storage tray.
6. most of my relatives got me money, but my auntie got me a really nice bracelet.
7.a new makeup bag/ pencil case.
8. a zoella planner
9. a vintage alarm clock
10. a baby pink notebook.
11. a purple notebook, a rainbow notebook and another purple notebook.
12. tippex
13. carmex lip balm
14. a liquid "L" keyring
15. my absolute baes of friends bought me the too faced natural love, it is honestly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
16, a tin of shortbread, a milk tray, a share bag of m&ms, 7 dairy milk bars, a giant galaxy bar, a normal galaxy bar.
17. an adress book
18. a really cute butterfly pen set
19. a butterfly pass case
20. urban decay glitter eyeliner

Thanks for reading, lots of love, liv xxx

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  1. wow! what a great haul! could you do a review on the too faced natural love?


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