May Faves 2017!

hi guys, today I am going to be doing my May Faves 2017!
I realise I have quite a few this month, but it was my birthday, so I knew this was going to happen. I'm going to try and post a lot this week, I'm off school. I have been really busy lately, with exams and revision. but they have finished now so I can get back to my regular posting schedule.

1. Too Faced Natural Love- I have a review on this coming soon, but if you can't  wait: it is amazingly fabulous and the pigmentation is the best I have ever seen. I would probably throw all my other 15 pallets away and only keep this one as it is my ideal pallet with all of my fave colours in it.
2.  benefit Hoola Bronzer
3. Helen E lipgloss
4. Urban Decay glitter eyeliner
5. Carmex lip balm.
6. benefit roller lash
7.benefit dandelion twinkle
8. benefit gimme brow

1. Zara denim skirt
2.Primark strawberry T-shirt
3.Primark shorts
4.Primark bralette
5.Primark bikini
6. Topshop bikini
7.Brandy Melville blush pink T-shirt
8.Black Converse
9. Tommy Hilfiger top
10. topshop femenist t-shirt
11. all of primarks flowy shorts
12. primark workout gear, post in detail coming soon.
13. crochet bandeau

accessories/ random stuff-
1. cactus wash bag
2.primark false nails
3. Primark sunglasses
4. B&M Acrylic Makeup Container
5.primark body bronzing brush
6.Asda pencil case
7.Primark notebook
8.Asda notebook
9. Zoella Planner
10. Vintage alarm clock from Tescos
11. primark beach bag
12. benefit hold all, I got this free as I bought 3 items!

thanks for reading
lots of love
liv xxx

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