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hi kids, I just wanted to sit down and address a horrific disaster that happened near to where I live recently- the Ariana grande concert suicide bombing. This isn't really like any other post I have done before, but I think it's important to tell my readers how I feel and my thoughts on recent events. There have been many shocking terrorist attacks that have been atrocious, but this one made a bigger impact on me than others. This one was very near to where me, my friends, my family and the people I have grown up around live- it could have been any of us,  it could have been me, or my friends at the concert or parents and grandparents picking them up, any of us could have been affected by this horrible event. Children are left without parents, and children have murdered, others injured or suffered dreadful emotional consequences.

The only solace or comfort is the way people have responded to this abhorrent event, many opened their homes, gave free taxi rides and given real life compassion as well as many from all over the world through social media. This is the bit we have to focus on; the love, the dignity, the kindness and respect of the human race for each other- regardless of looks, sexuality, ethnicity, race, religion and gender....
This has taught me to live life to the fullest it can be, and have courage and kindness. I will not bow down to intimidation, and nor should you. We never know what is around the corner- live life to the full, work hard and most importantly, love and respect our fellow human beings, as well as the world around us.

liv xxxx

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