5 thoughts I have while watching Riverdale.

Image result for cheryl blossom hairImage resultHi there, I think most of us have probably watched the TV show Riverdale, it is one of the best Tv shows I have ever watched. I was inspired by dizzy brunette to do this post (http://www.dizzybrunette3.com/2017/05/11-thoughts-i-have-every-time-i-watch.html) so definitely check her out, since she really inspires me and her blog is amazing.
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  • you want veronicas wardrobe
  • you wish betty wouldn't always wear a ponytail
  • wanting Cheryl's hair, feeling the urge to dye your hair red.
  • having the biggest crush in the world on jughead (Cole Sprouse)
  • Cole Sprouse was on the tv show: the suit life on deck
  • "this is so predictable, but I love it"
  • "why can't it be next week now?"
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Image result for betty cooper with a ponytail and without one
thank you for reading. If you haven't already, be sure to watch this on Netflix. There are new episodes everyFriday.
lots of love,
liv xxx

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