why I started blogging!

Hi everyone, in today's post I am going to be talking about why I started blogging. Firstly I had seen people like Zoella and Dizzy Brunette 3, that made me want to blog- but I didn't really have the courage until fairly recently. I have been blogging for around half a year now, and we have grown to about 2,500 viewers, knowing people are actually reading really motivates me. I love blogging, although it is super cringey. I tend to try and stay away from being just like Zoella- but it's hard since I like blogging about the same stuff.I have always tried to keep diaries and cool notebooks with things similar, but after a week the novelty wears off.
At Christmas, or whenever this blog started, I decided to do it. I didn't care if people would hate my blog, as long as I love it. I still worry that people judge me- but I can't please everyone. I have always wanted to blog, I have fantasized about it in the shower countless times and planned out posts in my head in a boring lesson or something. I chose to write about things like lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and photography as that's what I'm interested in ( there will probably also be a few rants in the mix #livrants)- the posts are easy to write, well, easier than me telling you what you want to feed your pet parrot. One tip if you want to start a blog: Write about what you're interested in, not what everyone else is doing. Basically, to filter out all of my unnecessary blabbing, I started blogging cause that's what I enjoy, that what I'm OK at, I can be myself and say what I want with a lovely crowd reading. Also, it's just really fun.

I know this post is really random, but I wanted to write it. It was actually surprisingly hard to write this, I couldn't really find the right words and most of the time I was off topic, loll.
lots of love
liv xxx

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