me vs a typical blogger morning routine.

Hi there, today I am going to be doing a comedy post. I hope you enjoy this.

Blogger: wakes up in really tidy, Tumblr, Pinterest room. Dressed in really cute pyjamas and has no bed head and has flawless skin.Then they Have a cup of tea in a cute mug while watching Netflix and checking their phone (which are obviously apple) on their cute wooden bed with fairy lights, cosy blankets and some cute pillows surrounding them while their clean, cute little puppy sits beside them.
Me: Wakes up in a really messy, uncoordinated room and "the chair" has probably fallen over, in the night cause there are so many clothes on it. my bedding is the old hello kitty stuff I have had for years and my mucky dog comes up and puts her grubby little paws over everything while I attempt to go back to sleep.
Blogger: Eats organic, avocado with quinoa, smoked salmon, tomatoes and chia seed toast washed down with a kale smoothie and a fruit salad on really cute plates in their really Tumblr/Pinterest kitchen.
me: Has toast with marmite with an apple and a hot chocolate while still in bed.
blogger: Then promptly runs upstairs to brush their teeth and make their bed before getting into their really cute gym kit with a cute curled, not greasy, ponytail and  sets of on a scenic run.
Me: drags myself out of bed and takes like 10 mins to put some leggings on and just leave my PJ top on and goes on a run *just walks the whole way cause I'm so unfit*

Thanks for reading!
I'm really sorry there is no pictures, I just needed to get a post up. I have a lot more good posts comin next week.
lots of love
liv xxx

P.S... let me know if you like this kind of post.

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