collective haul!

Hi there, Today I am doing a collective haul ( state the obvious). I'm so so so so so so so sorry, I can't include any pictures- my phone is broken and thats ow I usually import them to my blog and I don't know hpw to do it in any other ways. I decided to post it without pictures cause I have been promising it for a while, so when my phone is fixed ( probably in a few weeks) I will put in pictures!  So here is the (not so great) collective haul :(
sports bra
lilac and pink t-shirts
huge makeup brush
Calvin Klein socks
rose gold box
eyelash curler
sleek eye pallet
ivy park teeshirt
Joni jeans
phone case
makeup brushes
Collection lasting perfection
Topshop bikini
Calvin Klein bra
Brandy Melville tops
Brandy Melville shorts
Zara dress
Zara bag
black converse
mac lipstick brave
tops from Primark
shorts from Primark
sliders from urban outfitters

Thank's for reading.
I'm really sorry about the picture situation, I am trying to fix it as soon as I can- luckily I have some backup posts that have pictures so I can still upload. I will try to re-upload this with pictures in time! Thanks
Liv xxxx

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