what's in my bag 2017

hi everyone, today's post is going to be a what's in my bag. I am sorry I have not posted in ages. I have been very busy. hope you all enjoy!
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The bag I usually like to use is my Zara black backpack; you can't actually buy this anymore, but other shops sell ones very similar.
The first thing I always have in my bag is obviously my phone, With this I always have my power bank and my charger cable. I also have my purse most of the time with me.
I also have a little bag with kind of like my ' essentials ' in it; things like a makeup brush, some mascara, a lipstick a hair brush, gum, spare money and other stuff like that.

Sometimes I will have a little note book and pen to jot down my ideas and thoughts. I will always also have my good, old apple headphones.
MY camera is always in my bag just in case of an amazing photo oppourtunity.
I also have a tin of Vaseline handy as my lips are constantly dry.
I know this post is very short, but I don't really have a Mary Poppins bag with the entire contents of my home in it.

Thank you all so much for reading,
Lots of love

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