tips for starting a blog.

Hi everyone,
In today's post I am going to be doing some tips that might help you if you have started, or are going to start a blog. I have only been blogging for around 5 months- so this is just stuff i have figured out so far since i have started.

1) Don't buy a template right away! This is probably one of the most important things, I think you need to try for a while, see if your getting many viewers and then if you are sure bu one. Templates can be quite expensive so you don't want to be buying it if u wont want your blog in a week. I actually designed my own before I bought one, and this looked fine and is always a really good option if you don't want to spend. I waited about 3 months to get a template so then I was sure I wanted one. A really affordable website is designer blogs, that is where mine is from!
2) write what you want. If you want your posts to be good, write what you want- not what is trendy. You wont enjoy writing it so it wont be as good as it can be.
3)don't buy all of the fancy equipment and cameras for the pictures. Don't go out and buy the most fancy DSLR in the shops. phones are good, especially for beginners.I tend to still use my phone sometimes because I'm too lazy to set up my camera.
4)Post as much as you can. Try and post as much as you can, people want to see as much as they can. Don't just have a few blogs on your blog- that is boring.
5)Always put pictures in. this makes the post a whole lot more interesting.
6)Make sure you like what you have called your blog. You don't want to regret your blog name.

Thankyou for reading,
lots of love,
~liv xxx

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