How I take my instagram pictures!

Hi everyone, Today's post is basically on my instagram ( @looleeloo1 #shamelesspromo you should follow me ) it will be how I edit, take and set up my photos, don't forget to follow my blog and tell your friends        ( #shamelsspromo2)

  1. Choose what sort of photo you want it to be, try and get a theme gong on your feed. Do you want a flat lay that's pink and white themed, or a blue based selfie?
  2. Make sure you have good lighting, this is very important if you want the photo to turn out well.
  3. If you are doing something like a flat lay, choose what you want to include, do you want it to be green themed? or maybe of your nicest makeup products.
  4. Make sure everything is spaced out correctly and you have a nice background, the backround can make a huge difference, like if you are using your old dirty carpet instead of something like a clean white surface; you will probably get more likes if you use the nicer surface.
  5. The generic editor on your camera app is actually really good and you can do a lot with it. If you want to step up from that some good apps are: facetune and afterlight, and if you want something free snapseed and facetune2 are also really good.

Thankyou so much for reading!
Lots of love

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