Gift ideas!

Hi everyone, today's post is gift ideas, these are good for sisters, mums and friends and are easy and always go down well.

  1. Instax mini 8 camera
  2. A "beauty bag/box" For this one you will need, a makeup bag or a cute box, and fill it with beauty products.
  3. A box of photographs and notes of your favourite memories and inside jokes together.
  4. A subscription to their favourite magazine.
  5. A sweetie box. For this, buy their fave treats and fill a box or jar.
  6. Some friends all put in money to buy something a bit more expensive.
  7.  Find out something they have really been needing/ wanting and buy them it.
  8. Something that relates to an inside joke, sometimes a funny, well thought present that cost nothing is better than the most expensive handbag you could find.

Thankyou all so much for reading!
I'm hoping to post more soon.
Lots of love
Liv xxx

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