what to do when your bored

Hi everyone,

I am AlWAYS bored,

1) Go on a walk, take some photos.
Walking is a great way to get outdoors and have some fun, you could also take some photos of it for instagram or just for fun.


Just take your pencil for a walk and try and fill an entire page with creative doodles.

3) start a blog.
This is how this blog started, designing and writing swallow up lots of time.

Here are my 'worth it' high end eyeshadow palettes! Including the Urban Decay Naked range, Charlotte Tilbury quads, a Auber-lovely MAC palette and NARS dainty palettes!:
Best pens for note taking:
I'm obsessed with pens, my collection probably has over 200 lol

4)Write a short story.
Just a bit of fun that takes up little time and is very easy.

5) do your makeup.
Maybe try a really elaborate eye look.

6)start a collection.
probably something really random you already have loads of but isn't kept all together.

Stay groovyyy
~liv xoxo

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