what to do at a sleepover

Hi everyone,
Today's post is very exciting- I am collaborating with my best friend Flossie, she also has a blog: www.pinkprincess555.blogspot.com  We always have sleepovers, and we thought this would be a really fun post- were both writing this together at a sleepover. Don't worry this isn't super cheesy. Hope you enjoy! xxx

  1. Make your bed ready for when you go to sleep ( or not go to sleep!!) but for me and floss as we are at that point in friendship where we usually go straight to sleep when we get tired. If your like us, you can try and make your room look really pinterest.
  2. Put your pajamas on, everything is better when your comfy!!
  3. Prepare snacks-  Lets be honest, at sleepovers everyone eats wayy to many chocolates- but hey, that's the fun of it.
  4. watch a film- Netflix has hundreds, but if your like us you have probably watched everything on there, so I always have a few films in mind to rent if we want.
  5. try out crazy makeup looks, doing makeup with a friend is the best, its way more fun and you can laugh with each other when you can't do eyeshadow.
  6. Do face masks, so you don't break out after caking on that foundation when you did your makeup. Put cucumbers on your eyes, I don't really know what these do, but it's kind of essential.
  7. Go on a photoshoot for your instagram feed. I don't know about you guys, but if I see anything, I usually think " how good will this make my feed"- That's just how my mind works lol.
  8. if you share an interest like me and flossie share blogging and literally everything then, in our case write a blog or do each others hair.
  9. Go to bed and play on your phone and check all of your social medias, relax and have fun on your sleepover!!!!              
                          thanks for reading
                         Lots of love,
                               Liv & Flossie xxx

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