Hi everyone,
Today I'm going to be writing about photography. I'm not the best at it but I'm ok and I really love it.I love being able to capture a special moment and let it last forever. I'm going to be talking about some basic tips and what camera I use.

You don't need the latest and most expensive DSLR to take good photos, you need imagination. I take a lot of my photos on my iphone which has a pretty good camera and is easy to use and portable, but I prefer to use my Olympus DSLR. make sure your camera is focused! And try experimenting with lots of different angles when your taking the Photo

For a good photo you will need good lighting. You don't need to buy professional lights you can easily use natural light from a window. Try taking your photos near a window when its quite bright, don't try and take one at night when it is very dark. Some times the flash really improves a photo but be careful it doesn't take away the effect your trying to pull off.DON'T shoot towards the light! This can give a weird shadow to your pictures if it isn't done right.i think natural light is always the cheapest and best option for most photos.

To edit my photos I usually transfer them onto my phone, the apps I use to edit are: Snapseed and facetune. Snapseed and Aviary are free but Facetune is around £5. Facetune is better for editing selfies rather than things like pictures of the beach. Snapseed is my favourite, it gives you a wide range of editing tools for free.

Thanks for reading, stay groovy
~liv xoxo

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