How to pack.

Hi everyone,
I know its quite far from summer but since I travel at least once a month ( usually to the same place) I decided to do a packing guide.

1) A good place to start is making a list, this is helpful when packing and coming home so you don't forget anything. when making a list try and do it as if you were putting the clothes on so you don't forget anything.

2) Pack it all into a bag, I usually use my black backpack from Zara that was £20 and my Troop London holdall for my clothes. Don't pack things you know you wont wear. Leave something comfy out of the bag for travelling.

3) Don't bring loads of bags, 2-3 at the most! I usually bring 2, one for my clothes, makeup and washbag and another for my schoolwork, diary, a book and anything else that I want.

4) When you pack jewellery, to stop it from getting all tangled together, try wrapping each item in cling film.

5)Put clingfilm on the openings of your shampoo, foundation, moisturiser ect, to stop spilling.

 6) only pack the things you need.
Don't overpack, this is hard to keep track of everything, You dont need 32 T-shirts for a week on holiday lol! eg: headphones, couple of swimsuits.

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