Hi everyone,
I went shopping today and Bought a few new things so I thought I'd share them with you.A few weeks ago I decided I didn't like any of the clothes in my wardrobe, they just weren't my style any more, I've had some of them for about 2 years. So I threw out most of the clothes in there and I'm left with a few pairs of trousers, and 2 shirts- I need more clothes! So I then began searching all of my fave shops for inspiration- places like Topshop, Primark, Prettylittlething, Miss selfridge and Asos- not much really was standing out to me, I found a cute cropped jumper on Miss Selfridge and a couple of tops on Prettylittlething. There's something about a new outfit that I love.
So as the week progresses, I am going to go into town and pick up a few new things, There will be posts about what I have been buying, what I liked and didn't like- and I will try and do this as much as I can!

1- Grey jumper.
This is from Zara and is really soft and pretty.
2-Dungaree dress
This is from Topshop and is really cute and comfy.
3-  T-shirts
These are from primark, they were really cheap and really comfy.
4- Pink top. ( ordered online)
This is from PrettyLittleThing and will be great for parties, the only bad thing is it;s kin of a weird material but I don't mind it.
5-Beige jumper ( ordered online)
This is also from PrettyLittleThing and is really nice, it's off the shoulder and is perfect for any occasion, but on the website it looks like a different colour to what it actually is.
6- contour kit
This is really good, heard many people say it is really good and I have wanted to try It for ages- this is from makeup revolution.

thanks for reading,
Lots of love,
~Liv xxx

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