haul #2

Hi everyone,
So I went shopping again today, and this is sort of like a part 2 to one of my recent posts. I went to a different shopping centre because the shops are bigger there and have more stock. I bought more random stuff this time, so most of it doesn't fit in with the whole "new clothes" but  I decided to show you anyway.  Most of the clothes at the moment aren't really standing out to me. I haven't bought all of the clothes I need yet, but half term is ending soon and I probably won't have another opportunity to go back for a while- but when I do go next I will update you guys about what I buy.

What I bought:

  • Cactus stickers- I know these are kind of random but they were so cute and I had to buy them, I don't even know what I will use them for, but their pretty cute. These were from Paperchase.
  • Metallic purse- This was so cheap and will be great for school, I have really been needing a new purse and this one is so pretty. This was from Newlook.
  • Collection Lasting Perfection concealer- I have really wanted to try this for quite a while, I think I said that in a post a few weeks ago, and I really needed a new concealer so I thought I would give this one a go as I have heard so many good things about it.This was from Boots.
  • Makeup revolution highlight pallet- I love this, it is absolutely amazing, it's so pigmented and pretty. would 10,000% recommend this. I bought this in Superdrug.
  • Simple Makeup remover wipes.
  • Real Techniques stippling brush. This was reduced to £3, so I had to buy it.
  • Floral embroidered T-shirt- This is so cute and comfy and looks great with jeans leggings and with the dress I bought on Tuesday. This was from Newlook.
  • And finally I bought this comfy lilac cropped hoodie from H&M, this was on sale and is great for days at home or walking the dogs.

Thanks for reading, Lots of love~Liv xxx

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