A day shopping & haul

Hi everyone,
I recently went shopping, I didn’t really buy much but i thought i would show you anyway cause i can't think of any other ideas for a blog post.

The first thing I did was go to the MAC shop, as I knew I wanted to get the soft and gentle, but then I saw some of the liquid lipsticks and was torn on what to buy, I was about to get both but I don't really want all of my high end makeup to be mac and I'd only brought a certain amount of money to spend as i'm saving up for an apple computer and don't want to spend all of my money, so I left and went to a few other shops while I decided on what to get, so I went and bought a cookie ( obvs) and then went to shops like topshop, paperchase and new look but nothing really stood out, I already have like 4646474849 pens, pencil cases and notebooks so I didn't buy anything from paperchase even though i really wanted to buy everything in there. And none of the clothes really stood out at me. Then I went to selfridges where I went to look at all of the makeup counters, I walked into nars and bobbi brown but there was nothing there that I really wanted, and I went over to bare minerals (LOVEEE bare minerals btw) and I saw exactly the perfect thing I wanted, it was a liquid lipstick in a nude pink , the shade swag,  and had to buy it. So then when in was in mac I bought the soft and gentle, after that I went back to topshop and saw the jacket of my dreams, it's is sooo my style and is soo nice. Then we went to a little cafe that my entire fam loves and got on the train back home.
I loveeee this, it's such a nice sparkly highlight and is deffo my go to highlight right now.
  • Bare minerals liquid lipstick in the shade swag. £17
This is so nice, it doesn't dry out your lips loads, its transfer proof and is so beautiful, definitely my fave lip product I've ever tried and is 10000% worth the money..
  • Topshop green jacket. £55
here is the liquid lipstick, and some
brushes but I didn't buy those that day
I love this, its so my style and look so groovy on.

Bonus asos haul

So I realise the haul is quite boring cause theres 3 things lol, so a few weeks I did an order from the shop asos cause there was a sick sale, so I am going to show you what I bought.

  • Boohoo marble print bikini. This is soo cute and matches my personality perfectly.
  • Newlook mesh black bikini. Love this, it looks rly good on and is really snazzy.
  • Black asos runner shorts. These are an amazing buy, i don't know what i would wear if i didn't own them because they can be gym clothes, pyjamas or just regular shorts. £8
  • Grey oversized T-shirt. Not gonna lie, i thought this would be a lot smaller, but it is a rly good pool coverup. £3
  • Grey T-shirt. Love this looks really good with any outfit. £5

Thanks for reading!
~liv xoxo

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