New Years Resolutions!

Hi everyone,

Its January again, the time we all promise ourselves things like " I'll never eat sweets again"  and "Stop procrastinating" while some of these are achievable, some we stick to for only about a week.
          Here are my (hopefully achievable) 
        new years resolutions for 2017:

       1)Be more healthy.
       I really need to walk and run more, while the odd ice cream with crumbled cookies is ok I really need to snack less and eat less sugar, NOT cut it out all together.

        2)Finish re-doing my room and buy some new outfits for my wardrobe.
       I've been re-doing my room for quite a while and haven't got much done, I really need to finish painting my furniture and buy some new key pieces.

      3)Read more.
       I don't really read much, but I really want to start to read more because I usually find myself wrapped in a fluffy blanket snapchatting my friends.

      4) Become a better photographer and bake more often.
        I love to do both of these these things, and I want to be fabulous at it, but I really need to become better at it and be more confident (not burning down my house or dropping the camera on the floor)
      Thanks for reading
       stay groovy
      ~Liv xoxo


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