Hi everyone,

I am AlWAYS bored, so i thought I'd come up with some ideas for you,

1) Go on a walk, take some photos.
Walking is a great way to get outdoors and have some fun, you could also take some photos of it for instagram or just for fun.


Just take your pencil for a walk and try and fill an entire page with creative doodles.

3) start a blog.
This is how this blog started. It's a lot of fun and is really easy to do.
Here are my 'worth it' high end eyeshadow palettes! Including the Urban Decay Naked range, Charlotte Tilbury quads, a Auber-lovely MAC palette and NARS dainty palettes!:
Best pens for note taking:
I'm obsessed with pens, my collection probably has over 200 lol

4)Write a short story.
Just a bit of fun that takes up little time and is very easy.

5) do your makeup.
Maybe try a really elaborate eye look.

6)start a collection.
probably something really random you already have loads of but isn't kept all together.

Stay groovyyy
~liv xoxo

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